Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lunch Anyone?

Ahh, the lunch break.

It’s the time everyone craves for, especially after a few hours of good honest hard work. And how it’s spent largely depends on the individual or the company culture.

As for myself, I pop open my lunch box and munch on a dry muesli bar, all the while trying to convince myself that it tastes good and imagining my bad cholesterol levels dropping with each bite. After that I kinda hover about the studio, interrupting others who are busy getting their game on.

That’s right. As lunch time draws near the E1 crew gets together and play all sorts of games.

You got your “Magic: The Gathering” card game players.

Then there’s the board game enthusiast, the current choice is “7 Wonders”

And then there’s the “Street Fighter 4” troupe, ready with their controllers and button mashing away.   
What kind of geekery is this?  Magic The Gathering!? Burn it with fire!!
Das is Street Fighter!  Bring your own controller please otherwise it’s the keyboard for ya! *gasp*
Oooo 7 Wonders, the board game.
“Can I join you guys?” no response……
I’m guessing this isn’t standard practice in most offices but such activities are encouraged here. Probably has something to do with us being a game developer but who can say for sure?

The important thing is the guys are having fun together and probably learning a thing or two about teamwork.

But before you know it, an hour’s gone by and the session is wrapped up. Still the guys are happy, they banter about the highlights of their game or the blunders they made. I can even imagine some of us planning our next move or which fighter to choose in the next match. These thoughts linger as we sit back comfortably at our desks and gradually shift our attention to our tasks.

But there’s still a chance to settle scores! After wrapping up for the day, rematches are often called for and the battles resume.

As for me, I bid the gang adieu and make my way home. 

Skyrim awaits me there. 

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