Friday, 28 December 2012

Hoodwink on Greenlight

We decorated the Piazza Europa level from Hoodwink for our Season's Greeting Card. 
Happy holidays and Happy New Year! 

This is our most current Greenlight page thumbnail. 
We made several versions since 
we first submitted Hoodwink. 
(see below) 

It's December, and almost the end of 2012.

We had a few good months, taking our first step into the world of game business. With mixed Hoodwink reviews in July giving us a good set of lessons to learn, and the advent of Steam Greenlight possibly letting us propel our games into the limelight.

What you might like to know is that our studio is one of the few offering a series on Greenlight, not just a title. Yeap, our submission is an entire series of episodic game instalments, not just one game. If Hoodwink is Greenlit, all episodes in the series can be yours on Steam as soon as they are released.

There's more good news. Out of the thousands vying for Greenlight, we're humbled that you, the players, had placed Hoodwink within the top 100 games for approval. But getting closer to Number 1 is not easy, demanding our best in creativity and presentation.

As it should be.

Steam is no longer just a storefront; it is a growing hub of serious player communities who can't wait to be involved in a game's creation.

And so, we have for you Steam Group: E1 Studio.

A great place to not just find out about the Hoodwink series, but to get to know our developers, and even game together. Goes without saying that we're hoping that if you've got great ideas to help us make Hoodwink a smashing game for you, then this is the perfect page to shout-out.

Next up for the Hoodwink series; Episode 2!

We've taken to heart, and mind, all the reviews from players and critics for Episode 1. And we're back, fixing what went wrong, improving what went right, and most excitingly, adding what will be new and surprising features for our fans, to bring Episode 2 even closer to a great game.

Getting curious? Visit our page to find out more, fellow players. We aim to make a Greenlit Hoodwink worth your while.

This brings me to the end of my post for the year and with that, all of us here at E1 Studio wishes you a Happy New Year!

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