Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hoodwink Announced!

Well it's been a long while since my last entry but I have good reasons for that. If you have been following this blog then you'd already know that this is a game developmet studio blog and in my last posts I have been slowly introducing the people of E-One studio.

Meet Brute
But what about the games we make? What happened to that eh?

You can't be a game studio without a game right?

We just announced Hoodwink! Our home grown, laughter inducing bundle of joy, That's right folks!

All these years the boys and girls of E-One studio have been toiling away to put 0's and 1's together into a neat little data package that's full of wonderful environments, smooth sounds and colourful characters with the intention of making you bust a gut with laughter, and pretty soon you'll be able to buy it. There's more pics for you to adore on our facebook page.

 If you want to have more information regarding the game you can read our press release on these sites:

So do forgive me for the patch of silence.

The team and myself have been working hard to get to this point and mind you we aren't there yet. This is just an announcement. I'm going to have plenty of sleepless nights until the game is officially launched. Fortunately that's not far away. So stay tuned and keep smiling my good chums! For the Hoodwink trailer is coming next!

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