Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day 1 at E-One Studio

On the 6th of April 2012, My girlfriend Pauline handed to me what looked like a pass to “Kreative Asia Master Class”, an event organized by MDEC and X Media Labs. The event served as a platform that brought together the world’s top creative minds to share their experience, insights and knowledge in the field of creative multimedia and animation with us budding Malaysians.

Before that day, I was completely ignorant and unconcerned about the arena of the creative; I was content to provide my PR (public relation) skills to corporate clients and the consumer businesses. However Pauline knew how much I enjoyed playing games and she figured I could make use of that entire time spent dwelling in digital worlds into something more constructive.

So in an attempt to humour her thoughtfulness, I accepted the pass with a smile and began to dread spending my luxurious weekend in a room full of photoshop geeks and multimedia nerds.

E-One Studio ( by the way, I suck at photography)

How little I knew and how quickly perceptions can change. Today, I am in the employment of e-One Studio; a Malaysian game developer for multiple platforms.

You walk in and you're greeted by this pretty face
Its my first day and I am excited and possibly talking too much and freaking people out.

But I can’t help it! As I go around the office of 30 (I think) and introducing myself, I can’t remember their names but I can see all the stuff they are working on.

Its freakin awesome!

There this one guy, I believe his name is Eric, has all kinds of Japanese “Mechs” lining the top of his desk. He didn’t hear me the first time as I introduced myself. Probably because of the headphones he had on and his unblinking focus on the image he was creating on screen. His left hand was on the keyboard while his right was scribbling away on a digital drawing pad. I kinda stood there and witnessed him pay intense attention to the smallest details to what appears to be a poster of e-One’s upcoming game.

There’s this other guy, I believe his name is Iz, who walked in with a leather jacket and plopped himself down at a desk which was decorated with figurines of Kratos from “God of War” and “Skyrim’s” Dovakinn riding a dragon. He’s a technical artist (whatever that means?). I asked him what horse he rode in on, and he told me it was a Harley.

Look! we got a white board!

By the way, there is a pool/billiards table and foosball table in the office.

For those who are reading this and are going “So What?”- please bugger off.

You probably are already working in the industry or just jealous. This is a big change for me. For years I have been walking into white washed offices with MS WORD or XCEL flickering on pc screens and cheap “Abstract Art” hanging on the walls.

Check it out! we got a water cooler too
Checkered on the walls of e-One, there is concept art of fantastic worlds and each pc screen shows me some part of those worlds taking form.

As I mentioned, I dont remember everyone’s name just yet (probably because as a child I was dropped by my mum), but I believe getting to know my new colleagues is going to be an adventure in itself. Each person here has some uniqueness that is rarely exposed in other white collar offices.

So stay tuned, there's just so much to write about and who knows? You might find out how little you know about what goes on behind the doors of a little game studio.

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